Three Benefits Of Using Mersey Electric Trains

Operators use electric systems in railway stations to power trains as a better alternative to fuel. Many stations and trains in the UK are implementing this system including the Mersey trains. This system works in such a way that it provides traction energy to locomotives. It comes from huge commercial generating stations, where there is optimization of fuel efficiency for generation. After the production, a continuous contact conductor transfers the energy into moving trains. This system is highly complex and sensitive. Even though the system is extremely expensive and requires substantial amounts of cash to install, it offers many great advantages over alternative forms of energy.


Railway electrification systems have the potential to be favorable to the environment as compared to other forms of energy. For instance, earlier models of trains used to get their energy from diesel, which released heavy and harmful smoke into the environment. This smoke would pollute the air and destroy the atmosphere at worst. When this black smoke is released into the air, it rises to the ozone layer and destroys it. In turn, the layer becomes porous and allows harmful gases from the sun to pass through to the earth. These gases can cause skin irritation, cancer and other risks. Hence, electric trains are good for our health.

Saving time

Time has always been a precious commodity on this planet. Often, people complain there is not enough time to do this or that. It is thus vital for people to take every opportunity that presents itself, to save time. An electric train will certainly move faster than any other type of train. In fact, these trains are faster than even cars, at a speed of up to almost 400 kilometers per hour. For commuters, the trains mean comfortable, quiet and smooth journeys, and an overall improved service. By investing in railway electrification, train operators give confidence to commuters that the industry has a future.

Cheaper than crude- fuel

Benefits of electric trains in central London are not only to commuters but also to London railway transport. Despite that the first process of setting up this system is considerably high, once it is up and running the operating expenses will reduce significantly. This is an advantage to train operators since they can now use the extra cash on enhancing their services. In addition, this system is a better way of transmitting power, and especially on very busy routes or with heavy traffic. Today, over a quarter million kilometers of the world's rail network uses an electrification system. Over 50% of all rail transport on the planet is transported by electric traction. With electrification comes along great infrastructure, which in turn leads to better service delivery.

Article Source: Pooja_M_Shah

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