Vacation Rental Vs Hotel

If space, privacy and value for money are aspects you expect from a vacation, then vacation rentals are an astute choice. What sets these budget friendly rentals apart from the rest of the traditional lodging options is their versatility, which makes them a profound way to experience a memorable getaway. When delineating vacation plans, the obvious choice for accommodation is hotels since they are literally spread like blemishes in the heart of the intended destination and are fairly easy to locate. Although these may seem like a feasible alternative for their convenience, they definitely disappoint in terms of practicality, hidden fees, space and occupancy.

Those who aren't familiar with vacation rentals, they ard simply just that; home away from home. So you can bring Fido along, stay up late, cook and do your laundry at your discretion and all this at a cost of 40% less per square foot than the average hotel room. The cost per night of rooms and suites varies depending on their star ratings, size, availability and amenities. In terms of size and space, the average hotel room in the U.S is spaced at 300-400 square feet and tagged at $90-$150 per night.

These live-in spaces are able to facilitate up to 3 guests, which usually includes 1 child. Included with this price are basic amenities such as a private washroom, access to gym facilities and housekeeping. If you're craving succulent cuisine and a bottle of wine or simply a continental breakfast, then add a minimum of $30 for 1 meal per day, bringing your average all-inclusive nightly rate to $240. On the contrary, you can choose to pamper yourself in an expansive 1,300 square ft vacation rental, with the capacity to sleep 6 adults for just $99 per night. Just like hotel rooms, vacation rentals are available in a number of categories such as a spacious villa, country home or an apartment by the beach. Given all these quirky options and the added space, vacation homes ensure you and your accompaniments are not bunking in one dim lit room and graced with boredom.

Of course, the perks of these vacation rental homes vary by property, but choosing one over a private hotel is a great way to explore the local markets, chat with neighbors in an exotic place and best of all, do the things you love the most. Unlike the traditional hotel experience, most vacation rentals are appointed with a private kitchenette, laundry facilities, cable and satellite television and high speed internet. Stock your full size fridge with what you like to eat and cook for your entourage at wholesale prices. Vacation homes are a great solution for two families looking for budget holiday, without compromising on freedom and privacy. All your friends and loved ones are under one roof so there's no need to be apart from each other any given moment. Panoramic views of the beach are as close as stepping into your private balcony and your morning coffee never tasted so refreshing. Best of all, you get to travel with less baggage since you have your own onsite laundry facilities.

With vacation rentals, the options are literally endless, with private pools, saunas, lazy rivers, fitness rooms, steam rooms, waterslides and tennis courts all for just one price. To get you over the fence, take for example the 3-bedroom Lighthouse Condos located on the tip of the Gulf Shores, which are overlooking the beach and inclusive of hot tubs and indoor pools at a cost of $2,000 for four days. To break it down further, this vacation rental sleeps up to eight guests for $67 each per day, which is definitely a modest way to appreciate luxury boarding.

If you're a traveler just about to book a hotel for your next vacation, stop right there! You've already wasted tons of cash on bland, forgettable live in spaces, when you could've relaxed in the midst of unobstructed views of the cityscapes, oceans, mountains, and complimented with superior amenities at a fraction of the cost of private suites.

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